Our Veggie Eats

All about the food we eat at home, pack in our lunch boxes, and try everywhere else…. And feel it's blog worthy!


on September 20, 2012

Okay, yesterday’s lunch was quite successful. Most of it was eaten.

I wonder why I didn’t get much sleep last night…..must be the excitement of creating this blog. Might as well enjoy the buzz while it lasts. Anyways, as I was up early, I decided to make crepes with Nutella for breakfast. I used oat flour instead of All Purpose flour to make it healthy. Someone smelled pancakes and was all smiles this morning before they left for school!

For lunch, as she had PE today and is usually hungry enough to eat a complicated lunch, I sent her a small thermos of butternut squash soup and a veggie sausage sandwich with caramelized onions. These are tried and tested recipes at home as she does not enjoy savory surprises in her lunchbox. Sweet surprises are welcome and I do pack them occasionally as she has demonstrated that she can be a smart young lady who will eat dessert only after the main course. She is a big fan of “Chopped” on Food Network channel and truly enjoys 3 course meals šŸ™‚


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