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Lentil Fritters (Vadai)

on October 23, 2012
Lentil Fritters

Lentil Fritters

These fritters are crunchy on the outside and soft and cushion-y on the inside.  Plain is good but mixed with finely chopped onions, cabbage, green chillies, and ginger is even better.

Wash and soak 1 C Urad Dal, 3 to 4 green chillies and a 2 inch piece of ginger for about 1 hr. Grind to a smooth dough like consistency using water. Use water sparingly and add slowly while grinding.  Add salt to taste ( about 1 tsp). This is the time to add veggies if desired. Mix well.  Heat oil for deep-frying.  Moisten a Ziploc bag with some water and drop a small amount of dough on it. Pat it and put a small hole in the center with your finger.  The hard part is inverting the fritter into your hand and transferring to the hot oil with the hole intact. But the taste is worth the challenge. Continue with the rest of the dough. 4-5 fritters can be made in a batch. Fry to golden brown on both sides. Serve hot.

 Tip: If it is too hard to make the donut shape, just drop the dough with a spoon into the hot oil. It tastes just as good!


2 responses to “Lentil Fritters (Vadai)

  1. shikoomkoom says:

    This is inspired 🙂 cannot wait to make some of these x

  2. ScrunchMunchVeggieLunch says:

    Please do. They are yummy.

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