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Whole wheat stuffed Indian flatbread (Aloo Paratha)

on October 25, 2012

Remember the nursery rhyme Pat a cake, Pat a cake…… These versatile and quick Indian flat breads are just that. Roll it, pat it and put it on a griddle and they are ready for you, baby (ok, not exactly baby as these are a bit spicy) and anyone else you want to impress :). The dough is just whole wheat flour, salt and water. Doesn’t get easier than that 😉  Quite often I pack it in my daughters’ lunchbox as a wrap with curried vegetables inside. It can be served at breakfast in place of bread, lunch or dinner as wraps, or to scoop up curries, stews etc. Best of all it tastes great plain served hot off the griddle. Handy hint : Kids love it with fruit preserves or Nutella.

Potato Filling (for 8 flat breads)

Peel, dice and boil 250g (I used 1 large Russett) potatoes.

Drain and return to the pan to eliminate excess moisture. Mash, add salt, finely chopped coriander and chillies.

Innovate at this point and add the seasonings that suit your taste buds. If it’s rosemary and garlic, go for it! The only rule is that the seasonings should be finely chopped as this will go into the dough and will have to be rolled out. No tear, No tears 🙂

Dough (For about 8 flat breads)

Mix 2 1/2 C of whole wheat flour and  1/2 t salt. Slowly add  about 1 1/4 C water and make a smooth dough. Add 1/2 t oil and knead for about 3-5 min. Cover and let the dough rest for about 20 min.

Making the Flat bread

Heat a griddle pan on medium heat. Take a lime sized ball of dough. Roll it in some flour (all purpose or whole wheat).

Flatten it and roll it out into a small disc. Take about 1 1/2 T of the potato filling and shape it like a ball. Roll the ball in the flour (prevents sticking). Place it on top of the disc.

Cover the disc and roll it out dipping into the flour as necessary to avoid sticking.

Roll it out gently, avoiding excess pressure on the rolling-pin.

Lift the flatbread and put it on the hot griddle. Add about 1/2 t of oil (canola, olive or any oil that you like) around the flatbread and a little on top. Cook for about a min.

Flip and cook the other side. The flatbread can be flipped a few times. Remove when it has a few golden spots and it is ready to serve or stack.

Tip: The flat breads can be frozen after being rolled out. Use wax or parchment paper between the flat breads while stacking. They go from freezer to a hot griddle making it a healthy fast food.


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