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Eating right

on October 29, 2012

Sunday Lunch

A look at Sunday lunch. Dal (lentils) with turnips, spinach, onions and homegrown cherry tomatoes; tomato, cucumber and mint salad; chapatis (low-fat whole wheat flatbread) and plain unsweetened yogurt. My husband and daughter harvested the tomatoes bright and early Sunday morning.

Tomatoes from the kitchen garden

After a nice, cosy breakfast in the kitchen, as a Sunday ritual we prepared lunch together. She was not sure about the turnips but as she had helped prepare the meal, everything that was served on the plate was eaten. And then she served some more by herself. She decided she liked turnips after all. Her favorite as always was salad and yogurt .

Worry and parenting go hand in hand. More often than not, we worry if our kids will eat right. After all, there are so many unhealthy choices out there. Keeping it simple and leading by example can foster a healthy relationship with food. Yes, there will be cupcakes and candy at birthday parties and lunch trades at school, but  they will still have the opportunity to eat healthy at home. Why? Because that’s what we bring in and that’s what we cook 😉


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