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Making Yogurt

on November 6, 2012

Fresh homemade yogurt

Making yogurt is one of the things I knew growing up. My mom would ask me to swirl a tablespoon of yogurt into milk she had boiled and cooled. Homemade yogurt is awesome for 4 reasons. One, the flavor of simple fresh homemade yogurt is absolutely delicious. Two, it is economical. Three, it is healthy probiotic food. The best reason at number 4, it is easy to make.

Plain yogurt on the side with spicy Indian food is always welcome. My daughter is an adventurous spicy food eater as long as there is a bowl of plain yogurt on the side ;). Blitz with fruits like mango, bananas or strawberries for quick  smoothies.

For making yogurt, boil milk (whole or low-fat). Let it cool to a temperature where if you dip a finger it does not hurt (hot but not too hot). Swirl a little yogurt into the milk (about a tablespoon for 1 litre of milk). Cover with a plate and leave it in a warm place to set. In warm summer months it might set in 6 to 8 hours while in winter it can take longer. I usually leave it overnight to set after starting the process in the evening while preparing dinner. Wrap the bowl with a few kitchen towels for extra insulation. Refrigerate after it is set. Enjoy while it lasts and don’t forget to save a few spoons for the next batch.

Tip 1 : Whole milk gives a nice thick consistency to yogurt. If using low-fat milk, adding a tablespoon of milk powder after it is boiled helps to get thicker yogurt.

Tip 2: Sourness depends on how long the yogurt is left at room temperature after it is set.


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