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Simple Vegetarian Mexican

on January 11, 2013
Easy Vegetarian  Mexican lunch

Easy Vegetarian Mexican lunch

One of our absolute favorite dishes at a wonderful Mexican restaurant is a tortilla filled with slaw and Queso Fresco cheese. As we now live far away from this restaurant, we decided to give this recipe a go. Turned out great with our own little spin on it. We first thinly shredded red cabbage, green cabbage and carrot and sautéed it gently with some red onions; adding red chili flakes and salt to season. Charred Poblano peppers; peeled the skin and cut into strips. Then heated up some wheat flour tortillas though the original called for corn. Also in the filling fresh Queso Fresco cheese drizzled with fresh lime juice and cilantro. All the lovely fillings along with  avocado and blue corn tortilla chips made for a great lunch last weekend. And now it has become a regular lunchbox menu item; both for work and for school.


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