Our Veggie Eats

All about the food we eat at home, pack in our lunch boxes, and try everywhere else…. And feel it's blog worthy!

Power Greens Salad

on January 21, 2013


A box of shredded wheat cereal with no sugar added lay in the cupboard. No one dared eat it as a cereal as it tasted like cardboard soaked in milk. A bag of salad leaves (spinach, chard, arugula) and no croutons inspired the conversion of the cardboard into something special. Once toasted with some olive oil and chili flakes, it transformed itself into a better-than-crouton avatar. It packed flavor, crunch and oh yeah….a whole lot of fiber to this salad. Along with the leaves and better-than-croutons the salad has buttery toasted pecans, radishes, orange and seasoned with sesame oil and OJ. We all skipped the sandwich and went for seconds of this salad for lunch.


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