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Taro Root Curry


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French Vegetable Lasagna at Epcot, Orlando


One of the best vegetarian lasagnas’ I’ve ever eaten. The lasagna noodles were thin and the sauce was amazing! Very little cheese and full of vegetables. And the dish looked so pretty!

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Baked Potato with Vegetarian toppings


Russet potatoes pierced, oiled, salted and baked in a hot 500 degree convection oven for 45 minutes direct on the oven rack. Topped it with sour cream and salsa made with black beans, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro and lime with salt to season. The most wonderful part was splitting open the potato and see the steam rising and watching the pat of butter melt on top. Goosebumps!
A great vegan option minus the sour cream.

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Chole Paratha (Curried Chickpeas with Flatbread)


Made this for lunch today and it was yummy. The dark color of the chickpeas is achieved by boiling it with tea bags.

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