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Gluten free pizza…

on March 3, 2016

Its difficult to imagine pizza tasting good on anything other than the standard crust. We thought so too…. But we were wrong…after trying gluten free pizza flour mix from our grocery store…what????
A few things that I liked about the gluten free flour…no kneading …. I have made regular dough without a mixer during the 3 years that we were expats…let me just say that I have the biceps to prove it…just my right hand!

Another plus …resting the dough for just 20 minutes… who wants to wait an hour when everyone is hungry….

…And no one needed to be able to toss, roll out, do theatrics or go to Italy (to learn all that) to get the dough perfectly thin…all I did was pat it out with wet hands to a thin crust( remember…no gluten, so no spring action) …. can’t beat that!

After all these pros, if the pizza tasted edible we would have called it a day and gone to bed happy…but it was a shocker when it turned out so amazingly good that I was ruing the biceps (on my right hand) I had developed when we could have been eating this the whole time! Well, the sacrifices you make before discovering gluten free pizza flour sitting on your grocery store shelf!!! And think of buying it! And buying it!!!  



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